Thursday, December 17, 2009

Parade of Quilts 2009 - Jacob's Ladder

Hey All!

Now that Christmas is over and all the boxes arrived at their intended destinations, I can show some more quilts. This one is a Jacob's ladder. It's about 55x70. Pretty standard pattern in pink, burgundy and green. I sent it out for Deb to quilt and yet again, it looks great. No close-ups on the quilting though, sorry.

This is from a mystery class I took at the International Quilt Festival in Chicago from Charlotte Angotti. For her classes, you show up with a pair of scissors and sew all day. You get to find out what you're making about 3 pm in the afternoon. All the pieces are pre-cut by laser by They are perfectly accurate. Charlotte has excellent fabric choices. They blend beautifully. She doesn't teach the class so much as she stands in front of the group and tells stories. I would also recommend taking a good seam ripper. Sometimes there are lots of fussy pieces and it's easy to get a triangle flipped around and sewn to the wrong side of a square.

I finished this quilt for my SIL for Christmas. She loves pink and rose and burgundy. And teal which this quilt doesn't have, but I hit most of the right ones. Now this is second-hand information, but it's a good story. When SIL#1 opened it, SIL #2 insisted that it must be for her and the box was mislabeled. However, I did label the quilt for its intended recipient. That put an end to the argument, but probably not the coveting. Ah! It's so gratifying when people fight over your quilts.

Moral of the story: Always label your quilts! It will head off fisticuffs between relatives.


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