Friday, December 11, 2009

Parade of Quilts 2009 - Olde Hickory

Yay! UPS finally came through and delivered the box of presents (late). I can talk about those quilts now. This is another quilt in my niece/nephew series. I decided it would be nice if I made all my nieces and nephews quilts when they graduated high school. My SIL has 8 children. Yes, I think she's out of her mind, and yes, I have told her that on more than one occasion. And, yes, I'm a little out of my mind too. If I could go back in time and give my younger self a stern talking to, I would. This is number....[counts on fingers]...five. I'm on the downward slope. Yes! My guidelines were, "dark colors, not girly."

This pattern is Olde Hickory by Cottage Creek Quilts. The first two quilts I made I hand-quilted. They turned out rather nicely. Then reality set in on quilt three. I hated the quilting pattern I chose. It was torture to do, so I ripped it all out (about 25% of the top) and sent it out to be long-armed. Since then, I've been sending my larger quilts to Deb at Special Stitches ( for quilting. Here's a detail shot of this quilt. She chose a variegated thread that just looks fabulous. The borders really sing with this thread. It looks even better in person, trust me.

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