Friday, December 11, 2009

Carolina Fall from Bonnie Hunter

Hi there. Here's one of my current projects. I've joined in on Bonnie Hunter's Carolina Christmas mystery. ( So far I'm through step 1, so I'm not really setting the world on fire. I've wanted to make a fall quilt for a long time, and I've been collecting fabrics forever. When I started pulling the fabrics together I realized quite how many fall fabrics I had. It was a landslide of orange. I'm doing green and orange and gold as the main colors with off-white as the background. So far it's been fun. I'm taking a little more care than I usually do and making sure everything measures right.

Have you ever bought a piece of fabric and held on to it for a long time, afraid to use it up? I'm sure most quilters have. I realized that if I'm making a quilt for myself and use that special fabric, I still have the fabric. The one thing that does change is that you can't really use it for anything else after that. So, if you're hoarding a piece of fabric, is it because you don't know what to do with it or you're afraid of using it up or worried about limiting the possibilities for that piece? Of course, sometimes you just have to wait for the right circumstance to come along. The fabric I'm going to use for the borders on the fall quilt has been patiently waiting for its day to come. I guess it's a late bloomer.

I did go ahead and get the EZ angle ruler that Bonnie recommended. I don't usually go for the specialty rulers since it seems you usually need a Ph.D. in physics to understand them. In this case, however, Bonnie has put together really great instructions on how to use it...with pictures! I'd go read the pattern just for that info.

Well, anyway. That's one of the 6 or so projects floating around the studio right now. I'll update as I move along.


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