Thursday, June 2, 2011

Just a stone's throw...

What I did on my summer vacation...or rather Memorial day weekend. I helped my sister turn that pile of limestone into part of a flower bed. I say part because we all had to quit when our backs were done in.

Exhibit A: The limestone. Did I mention she got it for free? Neat huh?

Exhibit B: existing flower box/planter with rotting timbers. They were practically mulch when we removed them. Mulch with nails and rusty spikes.

And another side:

And the front side:

Exhibit C: After the timbers were out, we (mostly sis) dug a trench for the new stones.

Trench side 2:

Exhibit D: The first layer! Woo Hoo!

We got all the way around. Did I mention that each stone weighed 40-70 pounds and took two of us to move? Not a single one wobbles.

It only took us 4 hours.

And that was the end of that.

Eventually it will be 4-5 layers tall. That's as far as we got before I flew home. My back wasn't sorry to leave. ;)


That's the sound that May made as it flew by me. I must have blinked or something or they cut days out of the month. I did, however, get a UFO finished. It was a flimsy and I got it quilted and bound just under the wire.

Here's the before:

Here it is quilted:

Here is the finished and bound quilt:

Here's a closeup of the border and binding. I chose a fun plaid for the binding:

Here is the back. It's a really vibrant batik print in orange and aqua:

I also got two quilts for Japan quilted and the bindings sewn to the top. Those just need the hand sewing now. I also finished the last 5 of the 25 subway blocks. I'll do a separate post on that one. Not a bad month, I suppose.