Sunday, May 1, 2011

April UFO finish

Here's my UFO finish for April. This is an original pattern I call Licorice Sticks. Yet again, another quilt that got set aside before the borders were added. In this case it was a combination of getting distracted by the next project, and being unsure what I wanted to do/what I had enough fabric for to finish the top. My goal for this was to finish the top this month. I squeaked in under the deadline and finished up last night.

Here's the before.

And here's the after. I added two simple borders and called it a day. Sorry about the daylight shot. Not used to having that around here.

Here's a detail shot to give you a better idea on colors. I used a Bali pop roll in Mocha Mint.

Yay! Done and ready for quilting. The backing and binding are also finished. And hey, guess what? The binding is dots!

I'll be quilting this one at mom's next weekend so this will be completely finished soon. I'll have to look at my list and see what I picked to work on in May. I get a pic up soon.