Sunday, June 20, 2010

You might need sunglasses...

Hello? Anyone there?

I'm still here. Just haven't had much to talk about. I finished my Carolina Fall (nee Christmas) quilt. It will go off to the quilter this week. I'll put up a picture when it gets back.

The other project (sigh) hit a snag. I wadded it up in a ball and threw it in a corner. I hiss at it when I walk by. We still haven't made up yet. My advice to you...If you're making a quilt with two alternating blocks, make the more complicated one first. I made the easy ones (snowballs) first. The pieced blocks didn't come out quite the right size and the two blocks don't match up. The odds of this happening increase exponentially if you only have just enough fabric to make them.

So, I switched and worked on a couple of easier projects. First off an Amy Butler whirlygig quilt. This was just for fun, and it had the added bonus of using up some of those yards of turquoise I ordered. There's a line of templates to make the block without having to cut wedges. I put this together in a couple of afternoons. And, look! I even mitered the corners. I suppose I could have matched the stripes, but oh well.

Ok, Sunglasses time....

The other quilt I pulled out and finished just yesterday was my Good Gyrations quilt. This is from a class I took from Cara Gulati ( I chose a more extreme color combination, shall we say?

This too, will head to the quilter's this week. This was a really fun pattern to do. Definitely one I would make again.

So, a question for everyone, assuming there's an everyone out there, and you even made it this far...Is there anyone out there actually reading my blog? And if you're related to me, you don't count. If you wouldn't mind, leave a comment. Just a "Hi, I read your blog" is fine. I haven't gotten all those fancy counter things to work yet. I'll have to get my people on that.

Talk to you soon. Sooner than last time, I promise.