Thursday, March 1, 2012

February UFO

I have a finish for February.  Here's how it started:  

I started this project on my old machine and the seam allowance was a little ....subjective, if you want to be diplomatic, so I had to trim down all the half square triangles.   Here's the during photo:

And here is the after.  I'm not sure what I originally intended for these blocks, but I made it into a runner for my china hutch.  I added a large block of red at each end to make it longer. 

A close-up:

This is a picture of my mascot.  He cheers me along as I finish my P.I.Gs (Projects in Grocery bags).  Silently of course. 

And the length: 

That's not all I've been working on though.  I have to have a gift for the officers in my PEO chapter who are stepping down next month.  This bag pattern came from Quilts and More, Spring 2011. It was fun to make.

Which is a good thing....

Because I just couldn't stop...

A couple were test runs ...

And, I needed one for myself too.  

On the house buying front, for anyone who cares, we have found a house.  We are knee-deep in the ridiculous amount of paperwork required for this process.  House-buying is not for the faint of heart, and quite frankly, if the economy is ever going to turn around they need to simplify this process.  As our loan person says, "The banks think everyone is a terrorist unless proven otherwise."  Gee thanks.  Of course our loan application that has the incorrect purchase price has to be signed and returned anyway, THEN we'll get 9 more pages to sign on top of the incorrect 31 pages.