Sunday, February 12, 2012

January UFO

I've often heard that searching for a job is a full-time job in itself.  I didn't realize searching for a house is kind of the same way.  Right now, we have found a really great realtor and are shopping for a comparison on loans.  And, we have found a couple of houses that we like.  

So, UFOs.  I didn't finish one in December because I lost a little over a week to the flu.  I did get this done though:  The flower i finished in January.  

My January to-do list included 4 things: Finish the applique stars (UFO), Finish taking apart the sunbonnet sue, finish 1 Le Jardin block, and do 15 minutes of cross stitch.

The applique stars began as a kit.  I can't seem to find my before picture.  I bought it during my "hand applique is the answer to All Things" phase.  I don't know where the pattern or border fabrics went.  So....I took a few of the stars I liked, fused and machine appliqued them down, then made them into this.  The tan fabric is a cotton/poly remnant I picked up a couple years ago from JoAnn's.  I liked it because it looked a little like linen, and it was $1.88.  The ribbon i also had on hand.  

Now I have a lovely sewing machine cover which will come in handy when i'm dealing with this: 

Did you know after you wash a quilt a few dozen times your batting starts to turn to mulch?  Now you know.  

I finished my cross stitch assignment.  This is the sampler on the list on the right.  I really like cross stitch, but my enthusiasm wanes very quickly after starting it.  I've got three more projects lined up after I finish this one.  :P  I was surprised how much I could get done in 15 minutes, so I might actually finish it this year.  I can work on it as much as I want, but I only have to do 15 minutes. 

Lastly,  Finish one LJ block.  This is a BOM I signed up for a couple of years ago, and couldn't keep up with.  I truly love both the pattern and fabrics though, so I'm chipping away at it.  I've got a little embroidery left, then this block is done!   When it's finished, it will hang in the guest room of the new know, depending on which one we get.  ;)  

February UFO is well under way, but it's competing with a couple other projects for my attention.  More on those later.