Thursday, March 31, 2011

UFO finish for March and looking for a long-armer

Hi Everyone,

The best laid plans do seem to get derailed. I did finish a UFO this month, but I didn't get everything done I wanted to. That's ok, though. After the earthquake in Japan, I set aside my projects to make quilts to donate. Go here for details. I'll post pics when they're done. So far I have 3 tops done and two more cut out.

Here's what I wanted to finish:

I have made great progress. In this picture, only one basket is appliqued. So far I've gotten everything you see here plus almost all the stems done. I've got a couple more stems and enough leaves to make my own tree, then I get to do the fun stuff....the flowers.

I also wanted to get another row of my Subway quilt done. This also did not happen. I've got one more block almost together. That's ok though. No deadline on this. I would like to get it off my design wall to make room for other things though.

Here is what I did finish to the flimsy stage: [before]

I think the original pattern was called Scotch Granny which doesn't fit on mine, so I need to come up with a better name. I've been calling it Chez Moi after the fabric designers. Maybe that will stick. The pattern called for plain borders. I had a bunch of bits leftover from the block construction that I sewed into pinwheels.

The book suggested making these into another smaller quilt. I decided to use them for the borders instead. This took a lot of figuring to make them come out right and I had to add some strips to fudge it a bit.

All in all, I'm really happy with it. I also pieced the backing complete with racing stripe, as Mr. Belfry calls it, because as we all know, 42" is the new 45".

AND I finished the binding too. Yay me.

Now I just need to find a long-armer to quilt it. My gal is hanging up her needles this spring. Anyone have a quilter to recommend or not recommend?

Oh, I almost forgot. I finished the Tennessee Waltz quilt this month too. It is currently at my soon-to-be-retired quilter's. No pictures here of that one. So I do have two finishes for the month. I'm not pleased with the piecing on that one, but I'm hoping the quilting will hide it. A guy going by on a bus wouldn't notice it.

Happy Spring!