Saturday, April 30, 2011

Made just for me

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I have found the perfect quilting challenge for me. Per. Fect. When they were thinking this up, they thought of me. Let's do a challenge for Ann, oh and whomever else wants to participate. American Patchwork and Quilting is sponsoring a Polka dot challenge. Make any quilt that has appeared in their Quilts and More publication with at least 50% polka dot fabric. Pffft 50%. HA! Go big or go home I say.

As you might have guessed, I like polka dots. I blame it on my mother for decorating my childhood bedroom in nothing but pin size polka dot fabrics in yellow, orange and lime green. OK, a) it was the 70s and b) I loved it. It was sure cheery. I have to admit I'm a polka dot purist. I don't care if they're in rows or scattered randomly, tiny or big, or overlapping, but they must be dots. Squares, hearts or flowers don't count. I'll make an exception for ovals, but that's it. Do I still buy squares, hearts and flowers? Sure! They're just not polka dots.

I've narrowed it down to three projects. No, I mean I have enough fabric for three projects, except for a couple of specific pieces for backgrounds that will arrive this weekend. Hee hee! I'm giddy just thinking about it. I'm going to try and use up every polka dot fabric i have, you know, so I can buy more. I even found a neat pattern to use that precious japanese polka dot fabric I've been treasuring for a special moment. (It's the light green one with the big white dots below.)

Special shout out to my peeps at The Fabric Shack. I placed an order for 23 different pieces of fabric about 10 pm on Thursday. I already got the shipping notification in my inbox before 9 am the very next morning. Way to swing those scissors! Edited to add: The box arrived on my doorstep on Saturday morning. And they include treats!

This should give me the energy to push through a couple of lingering projects and the remaining quilts for Japan. I have to get the final borders on my April UFO for Judy's challenge (today, eek!). Stay tuned for a post on that one. I've got to put the binding on my nephew's graduation quilt. I'll post on that one after he receives it. I have one Japan quilt quilted and three more tops to go.