Saturday, January 23, 2010

2010 Goals


I break my goals down into monthly segments. I won't bore you with a list of those, though I'm sure you're all losing sleep over the state of my coat closet. I do have quilty goals though. My list for January includes three:
  • Finish cutting out the next nephew's quilt. - DONE! This is the last picture I'll be putting up of the nephew quilt, by the way, at least until it's finished and gifted.

  • Complete Step 2 of Carolina Christmas. - DONE! Look at those points! Aren't they sweet!

  • Finish Le Jardin Block 1. - getting there. I still have another week to finish that one.
I've never been a Trimmer, the kind of person who trims up blocks at each step, but I do want to move my piecing to a higher level. Plus I've been truly inspired by Nicole over at Sister's Choice Quilts ( Look through her blog. It's just full of eye candy. Her piecing is so precise. She's also a Trimmer. I thought it was time to dip my tool in that pool and give it a try, and I'll be danged if it didn't make a difference. I trimmed the half square triangles (the green one with the white one in the lower right hand corner of the block). Last night I sewed the large green triangles on, and I didn't lop off a single point on the small green triangle. Not. A. Single. One. /pats back. Now I noticed when I was ironing that I sewed about three of the large triangles on reversed, but I'm not going to rip them out. /smirk My perfectionism has limits. I'm more of a good-enough-ist.

I'm going to trim them again this afternoon when we get back from errands. We're getting an exercise machine. I hope to locate the quilt shop in that area too, so it will be worthwhile.

more tomorrow.

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