Thursday, December 17, 2009

Squeeee! Le Jardin Block 1 arrives

Have you seen the latest design from Anne Sutton? This is Le Jardin, her latest block of the month featuing Rouenneries fabrics from Moda. It's just scrumptious. I love the fabrics and I adore the bunnies. Here Baltimore Bunnies pattern is also on the list of quilts to make before I die. I ordered mine from Shabby Fabrics, and I think they still have some spots open if you hurry.

Ok, I'm going to put this in writing. I, hereby, commit to keeping up with this block of the month. I will finish each block before the next one arrives. You all see that. I have witnesses. And I'm gonna get started....just as soon as I wrap the rest of the Christmas presents. sigh.



  1. Welcome to blogland! I like your blog name.

  2. Hi Nann,

    Thanks for the comment. Stop in again!.