Sunday, February 28, 2010

A Finish! Garden Party


Here's the finished quilt I promised you yesterday. This is from the mystery class I took last spring with Charlotte Angotti. It was such a fun pattern to sew that I've already got fabric to make a second one in another color way. Each block has like eleventeen pieces in it.

Yesterday wasn't the best light for taking pictures. I dragged this one down to the beach and climbed up the life guard towers to get the picture. The snow drift wasn't very level so the quilt looks pretty crooked. I suppose I could have spent more time looking for a spot, but it was doing this yesterday:

The wind was blowing in off the lake around 30 mph which is no picnic. It was almost above freezing though. Warm days here are very gloomy. The snow melts and puts a lot of humidity in the air. A beautiful sunny day is almost always below freezing.

I finished cutting all my 2 1/2" squares last night, so Carolina Fall step 3 will hopefully be finished today. I'm also halfway through a stack of 30 snowball blocks. I'm still waiting on one turquoise fabric to finish cutting those squares, then that project can move forward.

Those are the highlights for now. Have a great rest of the weekend.

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