Saturday, March 13, 2010

Danger Will Robinson!

Hi! /waves

Welcome to all the new visitors from Howdy!

so...yeah...I've kind of been absent for a week or so. I have been quilting. Honest! But it's the project I can't take picture of just yet. I got the snowball blocks done though. I'm working on the four patches today. It's such wonderful, mindless sewing for a dreary rainy day.

I also finally finished Carolina Fall Step 3. Yes I'm the slowest quilter on the planet. That's the picture above. It's 196 of the diamond units. It also resulted in almost 400 of these:

Yes, it took longer to sew everything, but I have a pattern in mind for these leftover bits.

The other reason I don't have much progress to show is that I dropped of my Linus quilts last weekend. My closest drop-off is at a yarn store. Let's just say I walked in with a bag and walked out with a different bag. I'll have pix when those items are done.

Stick around tomorrow. I've got a fun quickie project I finished up for the house!

Off to get the hairs trimmed.

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