Sunday, March 14, 2010

A new recycling container!

Here's my new fun project I mentioned yesterday. I saw a cute container based on a berry basket on I thought I could do the same thing only based on a larger container. This is modeled after a small paper shopping bag, 10 1/2 x 8 x 4 ". Here's the top view:

I used an old pair of blue jeans. It took all of one leg and a bit of the other. I lined it with the leftovers from binding this quilt. I miscalculated on how much lining I would need to square up the bottom. I guess I could have cut it off, but I liked how it looked when I folded it over, and it added stability. The front, back and bottom have timtex in them. The sides have no interfacing. I made them as flaps, then folded them around and tacked them in place. I tried to do it on the machine, but I could not contort the thing around enough to get it under the needle.

Then the front needed something about this:

Mr. Belfry and I both thought it was too pretty for a recycling container, but that's what it will be for now.

The four patches from yesterday are mostly done. I've got the center ones for the blocks done, and all the pairs sewn for the corners. I'd like to get those done today. It might be sunny enough to go for a walk though. Have to take advantage of the decent weather.

Ta for now.

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