Saturday, February 20, 2010

International traveller


Another slow week here and not a lot of quilting going on. Sigh. Most of the fabric order came in except for one solid that's backordered still. sigh. Of course that's the one I really want. So the project waiting on the turquoise has ground to a halt. I have been fondling the fabric from the new French General line, Rural Jardin. Absolutely delightful prints. Can't wait to get some more at the quilt show in April.

The quilt above is another oldie. It was a kit that came from Keepsake Quilting. Great catalog. When it came, though, I worked on it for awhile, then I kind of lost my excitement for it and it sat in a closet for 100 years. Part of the reason is because it's a paper piecing pattern. While I love the results of paper piecing, I really hate pulling all the paper off. Really hate it. I finally pulled it back out and finished it in 2006 for a silent auction fundraiser for a women's group I belong to. As I recall it did quite well. The purchaser sent it to a friend in Germany as a birthday present. So this is my international traveller. Here's a detail shot.

That's all for now. Later! A

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