Saturday, February 27, 2010

Yay! Finally some sewing...too bad it's not for me.


Finally some sewing to show. Ok, I'll have another picture tomorrow because I did get a binding finished up, but for today I have these blocks. They're 6" blocks. Do they look familiar yet? No? Keep looking, I'll wait. /insert Jeopardy theme.

Yes, they're blocks from the Olde Hickory pattern. I showed my recently finished nephew quilt off at the quilt group a few months ago, and they loved it. They decided to use the pattern to make a quilt for Quilts of Valor ( We're making it in red, white and blue. I think it will look really nice.

In other news, I made a quilt label this week and got it sewed on. Yes, I know very exciting. This is another quilt for the same group. It's going to a silent auction fundraiser next week. I'll try to get a picture then. It's the last project the group did while I was the chair.

I'm also finishing up step 3 of Carolina Fall. Unfortunately, I'm to the part that calls for cutting 600 two inch squares. I've gotten about a third of them done. I also cut about 200 rectangles for the same step this week. It's a little tedious.

So, I've been pretty busy, but not much worth taking pictures of. I will get a picture of my completed quilt, Garden Party, today.

Stay tuned.

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