Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Obligatory Blizzard post

Snow-mageddon. Snowpocalypse. SNO-MG. Yea, that pretty much says it.

The snow started on Tuesday around 2 pm. It quit this morning around 11:30 am. Overnight we had thundersnow and 60-70 mph gusts. Our house shakes when it blows that hard. Very hard to sleep between that and the roaring wind. We finished up with 25". Parts of the driveway and yard had drift of 6-7'. We chopped down the drifts with a shovel, then the snowblower removed the snow. Rinse repeat. Why would we do it that way? This is why:

This is the driveway before we started. Most of it was 2-3 feet deep with a couple of 4' spots.

This is the middle section of the driveway and the part that was blocked from the wind. It's about 2' deep.

This is the front walk during shoveling:

This is the public sidewalk. Yes it's under there. That stone wall is about 3 1/2' tall. The whole sidewalk in both directions is drifted in.

This is the biggest drift over the driveway coming in at nearly 5'.

The big drift with snowblower.

We took a break at that point to warm up and get something to eat. We had been shoveling for over 4 hours. Past the big drift was another 2' deep section, then the rest of the driveway was 5' deep all the way to the end. I looked out the window when i heard the snow-blower start up again and saw this:

Thank you so much, city employee, whoever you are. He was going along our street and clearing out the end of everyone's driveways. His 10 minutes probably saved us another 2 hours with shovels and the snowblower. If he had gotten out, I would have kissed him.

Right now I'm going to go take the world's hottest shower and hope I can move my arms tomorrow. I've pulled out my next UFO, so stay tuned for that post.


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