Saturday, February 19, 2011

February UFO finishes

Hi All,

Here's my February finish for Judy's challenge. I quilted and bound my Amy Butler pinwheels quilt. I used a fusible batting which works great for quilts of this size (36ish x 45ish), and I quilted it in random straight lines. I hate marking quilts. It's time consuming and I'm not very good at it. Usually the end result doesn't look much like what I marked either. This was a lot of fun to do and I just kept going til I ran out of thread.

Here's a detail pic.

And here's after washing.

And the back:

I also crossed the squares table runner off the list.

I decided I didn't want to finish the whole thing. It was another test project, so I just finished it up as a table mat. It has gone to live in my laundry room under my bucket of detergent.

My other goals for February are to finish the Tennessee Waltz quilt top and get it ready for quilting and to make 5 more Subway blocks. I'm close on the Tennessee Waltz. I just need to do the borders. You don't get to see pictures until after the recipient sees it, sorry. I've got three of my Subway blocks done, but I ran out of white squares, so I need to cut more of those. It should be no problem to finish those up this week and next. I've also got a baby quilt and Christmas presents on the to-do list too. Whew! Well, that will certainly keep me off the streets for the foreseeable future.



  1. Adorable pinwheels! Did you use the twister tool?

  2. Your February finish is very pretty! Congratulations!

  3. Love your finishes - Instead of UFO, we could call them OTL - Off The List. Especially since that is the way I think of them. Judy C

  4. Nice finish! And I love the random lines... what a great idea!

  5. I love the way you quilted your pinwheels with the random straight lines. It compliments the piecing perfectly, and gives it a lovely touch of whimsy.