Saturday, January 8, 2011

First UFO finish!

Yay! I have my first finish for 2011. Here's the table runner in its completed state. I quilted it in the ditch and did an outline/echo pattern in the border. Nothing too exciting, but part of the reason this project got set aside was that I wasn't sure how to quilt it. Rather than over-think it, I just did something.

I originally estimated it would take me two total hours to complete. Ha! It took 2 1/2 to quilt and sew on the binding and another two to hand sew it down. So now I will take my estimates for future projects and double them.

Below is my secondary project for the month. My goal is to finish 6 blocks. I did blocks 5 and 6 this weekend, and need to complete #7-10. It takes about an hour to do a block or about 5 hours per row. I'm hoping to do a row a month for the next 4 months, then put the top together and quilt it. Of course, I realized this evening that it will finish at around 80" square which will take awhile to do.
This is why I never participate in the design wall Mondays. This project and all its pieces have been up since I started it and will probably hang out here til it's finished leaving me to rely on my design table and design floor for other projects.

Good luck on your UFOs.


  1. Love the table runner. Isn't it strange how we get hung up on one step and then the project gets pushed aside!
    I would love to see your second project every Monday. I love watching projects in progress.

  2. I love your table runner---great job and now you can use it!!

  3. I really like your color combination.

    I too find that I spend a lot of time thinking about how to do projects. When I just go ahead and do something, I'm usually happy with it and glad to have a finished project.

  4. Congrats on the finish! I think many of my projects become UFO's because I "overthink" the decisions. Your design wall looks amazing...quite a complicated project going on!

  5. Is the second quilt a subway quilt? My son wants one and I've been dragging my feet. Where did you get a pattern or did you make it up?

  6. I love your finish!

  7. Beautiful job on your table runner! I always get hung up on the quilting, too. lol Congrats on getting it done!