Monday, April 26, 2010

I was going to call this post, "The world's slowest quilter"

...but I realized I can't. I'm slowest when it involved cutting. I've been working on my Carolina Fall quilt. I finished Step 4 earlier this week.

I got to the end of sewing pairs of blocks and realized I was 3 triangles short (sigh), but I cut them out anyway to finish this step. Even though it was around midnight.

Then I moved on to Step 5. I had no reason to believe that it would go any quicker than the previous steps, but it didn't involve cutting soo....

Bam! After sewing just on Friday and Saturday, I flew through Step 5 and am now halfway through Step 6. If I get some good sewing time in today, I should have all the blocks done and the top pieced minus borders.

I realized this quilt is a little like making a suit jacket. When you make a jacket, you do a lot of structural sewing, top stitching, seam finishing etc. You spend a lot of time sewing, but it doesn't look like you're getting anywhere; there's nothing that actually resembles a jacket. Then all of a sudden you finish three seams and everything comes together and you have a jacket. That's how this feels to me.

The best part of this quilt is that it's made entirely out of stash. The bad news it that the pile of oranges doesn't seem any smaller. Hmmm....I wonder if it's breeding in there.


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