Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Fabriholics Anonymous

Fabriholics Anonymous Button 

 So, you might have noticed a new button over there on the right.

It goes to : http://www.makingrebeccalynne.com/2013/11/fabriholics-anonymous.html

She's taking a 6 month fabric fast and inviting us along.  I'm just squeaking in by the deadline.  Good thing I haven't bought fabric since the first.

I realized after moving my entire studio and trying to organize it that I have a lot of fabric.  I also have a lot of unfinished projects.  I also have a truckload-sized pile of things I want to make - unstarted projects, if you will.  I'm also out of storage space for the most part.  Which is why I haven't put up many pictures of my studio.  I got tired of shifting the piles. Well, I could cram everything into the closet, but I'd like to be able to actually find things when I need them.

So, I pledge:
For the next 6 months, I will not buy random fabric.  I am allowed to buy fabric to finish a project (borders, backings, bindings) because I usually don't have yardage for those.  I am allowed to buy vacation fabric.   And I think there's a quilt show in my area in June, so I will allow myself shopping there, guilt-free.

This is actually kind of peripheral to my actual goal which is to FINISH STUFF UP!!

My goal is to finish 4 projects before I start anything new.  I can work on anything I want when I go into the studio.  I can mess around with scraps, play with the colored pencils, make three new blocks then put the project away, but I can't start any new project til I have completed 4 old ones.   I also do not have to finish the "start".  I can, if I like, and it will count as one of the next 4 finishes, but I don't have to.  I'll still have a net gain on the unfinished list.  Hey, quilting is supposed to be fun.

So far, so good!
I've finished:
Brown squares quilt originally for the living room (December, '13)
Birds jellyroll quilt
Pale green broken dishes lap quilt
Living on Key West Time

My new project is a pair of valentine quilts.  I'll get pix up soon on these.  
I actually have a number of posts almost ready to go.  Stay Tuned!  


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