Saturday, December 7, 2013

Decked out

Yes, yes, I know.  Bad blogger, go sit in the corner.  I figure it's my blog; I'll write when i want to, and you can't make me, nyah.

Mostly I've been doing very little quilting the last year.  I've been focused on the yard and trying to get in into some kind of state that doesn't scream urban grunge.  I think I've climbed out of the ghetto chic hole though.  

So, yea,  Christmas has kind of jumped on us suddenly this year.  Or it seems so.  Fortunately I hosted the Christmas meeting for the quilting group, so I had plenty of incentive to get all my decorations up.  

Here's a bunch of pics of the living room, dining room and family room.  It isn't everything that's up, only about 2/3rds of it.  

Here's about the only quilting I've done:  One tree skirt

I did a DIY cupcake bar for the quilters.  Everyone got to pick what they liked.  

The label said it was a 7' tree, but we had to take off nearly 10" to get it to fit our 8' ceiling.  

Eventually I'll do a catch up quilting post. Stay tuned. 
And Happy Holidays.


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