Wednesday, December 29, 2010

My version of Carolina Christmas

Thanks for listening to me rant on my previous post. All the important stuff got done, even though my dining room looks like Santa's workshop exploded in it. Just my usual Christmas meltdown.

I finished the binding on the quilt from two posts ago. (note to self: go take a picture.)

I also finished my Carolina Fall quilt. I'm really happy with it, but those triangles nearly kicked my you-know-what. I had a few issues when I got done.
I used a hand-dyed fabric on the border. It bled when I washed it. (yes, I pre-washed it) If you squint at the picture, some of the background fabric looks a little....dingy. If you're feeling less charitable it looks minty. My advice to you: If you're going to use hand-dyed fabrics, know your source. Wash them first and use a dye catcher or synthrapol when you wash the quilt. This is the second time I've used fabric from this dyer and the second quilt I've had very nearly ruined because of it. Despite, the....minty-ness, which I am still getting over, I'm pleased with how it turned out. I didn't clip off any points on the triangles, and I came up with a clever way to fix the border when I ran short of fabric. (note to self: don't measure when tired)

This is also the first quilt I have made for my husband and I to actually sleep under. And, no the one on the couch doesn't count.

I also finished this wool applique throw pillow which looks really great on the Fall quilt above. This was a really fun kit I got from Bits and Pieces by Joan at her booth at International Quilt Festival a couple of years ago. Go look at her site. She has tons of stinkin' cute stuff.

Alright. back to work on my UFO list.

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