Thursday, August 26, 2010

Back from Florida

Hi Everyone!

Sorry to drop off the face of the earth. We're back from our well deserved vacation in the Florida Keys. Here's some pix to tide you over til I get back to our regularly scheduled sewing posts. Next time I'll update you on the Drama of the Dress and my suspicions that pattern designers hate me. In good news though, we got a new digital camera, so hopefully no more mediocre pictures like the last post.

First picture: This is out on the boat around sunset on the bay side of the Keys. The water is as flat as glass. It was just dreamy.

Here is one of the residents at The Key West Butterfly Conservatory. It's a fantastic place to visit with dozens of varieties of butterflies.

This is another of the very friendly natives. His name happens to be Tanner. You can meet him and his family at The Dolphin Research Center in Marathon Florida. The dolphins all seem to be such happy creatures you can't help, but smile at them. They recently had two dolphin calves which are doing well. You can tell how successful a program or zoo is if their animals are healthy enough to reproduce.

This was shot on our way out to Looe Key for a snorkeling trip. Yes, the water was that turquoise. It was gorgeous. It was crystal clear to a depth of almost 50 feet and as warm as bath water.

Here's one of the natives we saw on our last day at the Everglades National Park. Don't worry. We were up on a walkway well away from any closer introductions.

Talk to you soon!

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