Sunday, February 9, 2014

The catch-up post and DWM

I haven't been doing well at blogging my finishes, so this is my 2013 catchup post.  I didn't do a lot of quilting last spring and summer since I was out in the garden.  Actually I didn't mention any of my finishes last year (yikes).  

Without further ado, here they are:
St. Patrick's day table topper

Baby quilt for Bentley.  I got the cutest thank you note for this.  The bow tie was adorable.  Oh, and by the way, Grandma N's rule on baby quilts is now in effect.

Brown squares quilt which takes a UFO off the list.  

Turquoise tree skirt for the living room - mentioned on the Christmas post

Scrappy lap quilt that got donated.  I don't have a finished picture for this.  This was taken before the binding went on.


No pix for the Halloween table topper that has been packed away with the decorations

I did bits and pieces of other sewing...a few scrappy blocks, a couple of almost completed lap quilts, started a reproduction quilt, a few gifts.  I finished the Designer BoM blocks, but haven't done the quilt.  And I got a few more lap quilts close to being done.  

And for those of you here for Design Wall Monday:  

I've finished 1 of 9 middle blocks.  Eight more to go.



  1. Wow! The quilt on your design wall looks amazing! So many pieces.

    1. Hi Sally, Thanks for the comment. I think there's 77 pieces in each main block. That's the beauty of Bonnie Hunter's mysteries. Everything gets broken down into small steps. One week was just 4 patches. I'd never look at that pattern finished and think I'd ever attempt it, but doing small steps makes it achievable.

  2. Your design wall quilt is coming along so nicely. Love the colors.

  3. What a load of work! All your finishes look amazing. I adore that last quilt on your design wall. The colours are perfect!