Saturday, February 23, 2013

Kitchen month

 Happy New year...yea, I know.  Here's a blog post for those who have been pestering me.  Yes, I have been quilting a bit.  I'll do a catch up post later.  Right now, we're focusing on making the kitchen more functional since we're in there 3 times a day.  So far I've recaulked the counter around the sink, installed an undersink storage bin, hung a broom rack, and re-done the pantry.  The pantry was impossible before.  You couldn't take one thing out without causing an avalanche. Here's the pantry before:    

We decided to wallpaper the back wall just for fun.  Mr. Belfry found the wallpaper.  It was my first attempt so a closet is a good first project.  I'm not thrilled with how I lined up the designs, but again, closet.  I was surprised at out helpful my book and paper conservation skills helped.  Here's the during with the closet empty and the wallpaper in:

Here's a detail on the paper:

We opted with an Elfa system from The Container Store.  They were having a 30% off sale, and do every year in January.  Elfa is a Scandinavian company, like Ikea.  Except Ikea is good, affordable design; Elfa is good, quality design.  I had the measurements and they laid everything out, listed all the parts, cut everything to size, polished the cut bits so they weren't sharp, printed directions and helped load it all in the car. I installed the whole thing in about an hour and a half, not including the time to go out and get the right size drill bit. The top shelf wasn't fun to get in because I'm short   

Here's the after with most everything loaded back in.  I don't have to move multiple items to get one thing out anymore.  Mr. Belfry's beer brewing equipment is out of the basement now.  I need to get a couple more uprights for the cookie sheets and label a few things, but so far it's just wonderful.  I walk by and open it often just to look at it.  

 So, that's what I've been doing with my time.  I've got three cabinets to fix, then I'm on to the next room which is where the Christmas closet is.  Which will be good because I still have a tree up because i have nowhere to go with the decorations.  Don't worry, it's artificial.  ;)


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  1. The closet looks awesome - particularlly considering my special kind of crazy is the one that helped pack it. :) Mr. Belfry did great with the wallpaper too - very unique / original / funky all at once! Container Store is on my list when I redo the bedroom closet. Pretty excited. Adding an open pocket door (i.e. not really a pocket door, but a sliding door) and then redoing all of the racks and adding more shelves. J