Wednesday, December 7, 2011

A new adventure

We are embarking on a new least dipping our toes in the water.   We're starting to kinda, maybe, for a house.  In the actual  "shopping for a loan" and "going out and looking at them in person" sorta way, and not just reading the ads in the paper and watching House Hunters. 

See we're tired of dealing with unreasonable landlords.  I won't go into specifics 'cause this is the internet, and the internet is forever, and whatever you put out here will boomerang around and come back to bite you in the you-know-what. 

So the loan meeting was today, and dear god, do they like their paper.  We hit probably 6 open house this past weekend which includes a cute, but way outta date bungalow, a cape cod or two, a ranch or two, and a really modern split level.    I don't really like splits, but I'm keeping an open mind.

The bungalow (above) I threw in even though it needs a gut rehab because it's a damn good price in a really damn good neighborhood.  Which makes me wonder what else is wrong with it.  Mr Belfry said, "We should take a look.  Even if it needs work, we could redo it and make it ours."  My head flipped around so fast I thought I was Linda Blair.  Wait.  What?  Are you feeling ok, dear?  What happened to "move-in ready" and "totally rehabbed"?   His comment was that we've lived in plenty of places with really awful kitchens.  He could put up with it til we could redo it.  Which is true. Very true.   Actually every place we've lived has had a dreadful kitchen.  This kitchen had gold wallpaper on the ceiling and vintage 1940s pretty awful.  Huh.  You think you know someone.  Guess that's what keeps marriage interesting.  We figure we'd have to sink more than 100K into it to make it liveable.  Hmmm...that's more of a project than we want. 

This little cape cod has more space than you would think.  No formal dining room though, and access to transportation is almost non-existant.  It's still on the list.

This house is a side split.  Good space, but more stairs than we want. The owner also has a strong propensity to put mothballs everywhere.  Whew!

This house is also a side split, but in a completely different way.  This one is the top of our list currently, but it's over-priced for the neighborhood. We're guessing the price will drop in the next couple of months.  Or maybe something else will come available.  

So that's where we are.  Hopefully we'll have something in place in the next 6-8 months.  If not we'll be looking at a different rental.  Either way theres a new address in our future.


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